Authentic Kimono Rental Experience

Authentic Kimono Rental Experience |UmeSakura Kimono Salon

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Authentic Kimono Experience Service

Kimono rental our service

UmeSakura offers Kimono rental for visitors wishing to experience Japanese culture by visiting temples, shrines, gardens, museums, restaurants, or simply strolling Kyoto’s historic streets in a traditional Kimono local people would wear.

Our salon is located in Kitano, near the famous Nishijin Garment District.
Our unique selection of high quality Kimonos are not typically seen in other rental shops targeting mass tourists in Kyoto.
We provide everything you need from our large selection of Kimonos, Obi (silk belt), under garments, sandals, bags, accessories, and etc.

We will tastefully coordinate the entire outfit for you based on your preferences.
We proudly staff kitsuke licensed and professionally trained assistants to help you dress.

You can safely leave your belongings at our salon during your excursions in town
(no valuable items, please).

◆Reservations are necessary. Please reservation form call at least 2day before your visit to reserve.

Availability reservation, please check the calendar.

We may be able to take a same day reservation depending on the availability.

●Tel (Japanese Only): 075-432-7677 or 090-2011-4076

Our staff can only speak Japanese with limited English.
We will try our best to communicate with you!

※You must always be coming to a store on the date and time that you have reserved. 

Book After you confirm your travel plans in Japan.

Kimono rental KimonoSize and Shoe Size

Kimono and Shoe Size

◆Women’s Kimonos/Sandals
・Height: 148cm – 173cm,
・Shoe size: up to 26cm

◆Men’s Kimonos/Sandals
・Height: 160cm – 188cm,
・Shoe size: up to 29cm

*While our one-size kimonos can be adjusted to fit your body by our skilled kitsuke staff, they are made for Regular body type.

Kimono  rental price

Kimono Rental Set Price

◆Weekday: 5,500 yen (student price: 5,000 yen)
◆Weekend/Holiday: 6,500 yen (student price: 5,500yen)
◆Couples Special: 10,000 yen (1 men’s set + 1 women’s set)

*We accept CASH ONLY. No credit card please.



kimono rental house of operations

Hours of Operations

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Please return your kimono within 6:30PM

◆Closed on Wednesday


Shop Address

76 Kitanokoubaicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto


kimono rental nearby attractions

Nearby Attractions

◆Kinkakuji Temple: 20 minutes walk . or 5 minutes by bus.

◆Kitano Tenmangu Shrine: 8 minutes walk

◆Kamihichiken: 10 minutes walk

◆Hirano Jinjya Shrine: 5 minutes walk

◆Ryoanji Temple: 5 minutes by train + 7 minutes walk

◆Ninnaji Temple: 7 minutes by train + 2 minutes walk

◆Myoshinji Temple: 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus

◆Daitokuji Temple: 10 minutes by bus

◆Arashiyama area: 25 minutes by train

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